What is a +ProFace

 +ProFace the simple protection for the operator and surrounded operators. A work environment protection to reduce the most hazard in workshops. A simple designed safety shield without any disadvantage in the usage nor the visibility of what I am seeing. Protection of flying chips and coolant and aerosols right at the source of hazard. 

Solid engineering

Durable materials and a smart design ensure high quality properties. The +ProFace took a lot of loops through 3D simuation before it was ready.

Refurbish service

We offer to refurbish your +ProFace to maintain the product quality. This keeps the cost down in case the usage makes the +ProFace blind.

What do I need?

With some basic information will provide you the +ProFace you need. Please contact us or download the flyer to get more information.

Add-on designed

To keep the investment down we designed adapter to fit on your existing air-pressure gun. We offer safety nozzles to make it even easier to improve your work safety.

What does it take

No training is needed. We recommend to check the +ProFace annually to make sure that no damage will minor the safety of the +ProFace.


The best prevention is the safe workplace. Proof your safety policy to your employees, organization and customers.